Mobile marketing is developing fast. There are lots of new mobile channels and platforms being launched on a daily basis. That is why the interest to mobile marketing is growing. It is the most popular and effective way to reach people at large quickly. Just several decades ago you had to wait until the nearest newspaper to present your services and see the name of your business. With mobile marketing, everything goes rapidly. WaveMedia is creating mobile marketing campaigns which are to reach thousands of people within seconds.

Why WaveMedia?

We always stay on top and realize an effective mobile marketing campaign for every business, from small to big. We apply innovative technologies of optimization, analytics and design for the success of our marketing campaigns.

Mobile Marketing With WaveMedia

WaveMedia started firstly with development of successful advertising campaigns on the mobile platform. Our research discovered three different criteria of mobile advertising receipt by people. They are as follows: adverts based on their location, adverts which target the type of mobile platform they are using (such as iPhone or iPad), and the third, advertising based on their mobile carrier, for example O2 or Orange. We are operating different display adverts in order to support mobile phone searches which increase the brand visibility and sign-ups, leads, conversions and sales for each our client.

Lead Generation

WaveMedia is provider of different mobile solutions for your business if you need to generate an online registration system, encourage more offline users to engage with your company online, or build up a e-mail address database. Lead generation is the best cost-effective way to create a new customer base and to expand your marketing. You only pay for each lead that we manage to deliver. Does not matter if you have a short-term campaign in mind, perhaps for Christmas or the New Year, or rather something more long-term, we can devise a marketing strategy targeted to your particular needs and requirements

All list of our services:

  • Mobile marketing & mobile strategy
  • App marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Google Play & Apple apStore promotion
  • Campaign execution and measurement
  • Web design
  • Copywriting